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Ethiopia is one of the most charming countries in Africa and strangely it is quite unknown to most travelers. This fascinating country, a mixture of Africa, Asia, and Byzantium is a truly unique destination, with attractions which can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. Perhaps one of the most enthralling aspects of Ethiopia is the rich Orthodox Christian Heritages; little know that Ethiopia historically was the second country to officially make Christianity the official religion after Armenia and before Rome of Constantine.

Awash National park is one of the finest and most accessible reserves in the country. The Awash River strides the park before heading to the Dankil depression where it vanishes, never to reach the sea.

Despite earlier contact with the outside world, Ethiopia developed in relative isolation and was actually once known as the "Hidden Empire". As a result, some of the living culture is unique to the country and has origins dating back hundreds of years. The Ge'ez language used in most modern day church services derives from the Kingdom of Axum.

If the evening finds you in Harar, you may witness a most bizarre spectacle courtesy of the so-called Hyena Men. With wild howls, these fearless men summon hyenas from the hills. They then get the ruthless scavengers to snatch pieces of meat from their hands or even their mouths.


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